Neko Chan Wiki

Player Actions

  • Character Deaths
  • Character Kills < PvP


  • These are the player actions. Most actions have a stat max of 65 (as of April 2019). Now as of August 2019 all stats have Mastery levels.
  • Equipment is one of the main actions of Forging.
  • Blacksmith is a secondary action, to upgrade the gear.
  • Healing is a secondary action to gain HP back after a fight.
  • Rune Altar is a secondary action that counts towards Arcane forging.
  • Attack, Defence and Magic Attack are the stats received by Training and character leveling (as of August 2019), they have no max.
  • Character kills is PvP, which as of April 2019, isn't active.
  • Stamina has a max of 500 and can up boosted with food. As of the March 2020 update, you can boost this with Coffee.
  • Max health starts at 3,500 and can be boosted three different ways. As of the March 2020 update, you gain 15 HP for each level.
  • Player Land (Your House, Your Beast's House)