Neko Chan Wiki

Taming a beast is very simple. The command needed is [@Neko Chan#7837 rpg tame beast]. You will either tame a beast or you won't. If you are unsuccessful the first time you will need to wait fifteen minutes to try again. Most players use Neko Chan's reminder, using either [@Neko Chan#7837 remind me beast in 15m] or [@Neko Chan#7837 remind me tame beast in 15m]. Once the fifteen minutes has past, Neko Chan will DM (direct message) you.

Beast images are random, so you could get the same beast as another player. All starting stats are random too.

If you're after a custom Beast image, you will need to become a Neko Chan Patron. Either Onyx, Diamond, Neko or RPG Premium III rank. If you sacrifice your beast while one of these ranks, you will get the same image back.

Now that you have a beast, here is what you can do with them. You can send them on hunts, they will help you attack bosses, you're also able to train your beast every fifteen minutes, you're able to recall them from hunts and you can sacrifice them to gain max health and Demonic State, to do this you'll need Demon Scrolls.

As of the August 2019 update, you gain way more max health than before. The amount of Max Health is now calculated this way.

Beast Attack + Beast Level + your Beast Taming Level.

If you sacrifice your beast to a Demonic Lord, you will only get a smaller amount of Max Health. The way this is calculated it:

Beast Attack + Beast Level

You can't make your beast do what you want, as they have a mind of their own. Sometimes when you send them on a hunt they could take longer then the hour. However you can buy potions, that will raise their levels and their accuracy with the elixirs that can be found in the Super Nekocoin Shop.

Accuracy Elixirs are for a limited time. Once used have a limited amount of hits, then your beast's accuracy will go back to 25%.

As of the March 2020 update, there is now a way to reduce the time your beast takes on hunts, by 30 mins. You need to buy land and blueprinds to build your beast a House. Once complete you will then also be able to send your beast on a long hunt. Those hunts run for 12hrs.

Action Command
Train @Neko Chan#7837 rpg tame beast
Check @Neko Chan#7837 rpg beast
Check Others @Neko Chan#7837 rpg beast @(player name)
Hunt @Neko Chan#7837 rpg hunt (reply normal or super when asked)
@Neko Chan#7837 rpg hunt go
@Neko Chan#7837 rpg hunt start
Recall @Neko Chan#7837 rpg recall
Sacrifice @Neko Chan#7837 rpg sacrifice (reply yes when asked)

Along with some Neko Coins, these are just some of the items you could get while hunting: