Please Note, Blacksmithing has Changed a Lot!

Most of this infomation is Out of Date. I really need to fix this asap. WIP to fix.

So you've made all or even some of your Equipment and you wish to make those items stronger. Well you've come to the right place.

The Blacksmith command is [nya!rpg blacksmith], this will bring up a list of your Weapon Upgrade Tokens and all the Equipment. To know which items you own use [nya!rpg equipment] or one of the following [nya!rpg weapons] [nya!rpg armour] [nya!rpg amulets] these four have page arrows which you can use to swap between the three, these areas will also list Mythical items.

So you're ready to upgrade a piece of equipment. Well, first you will need some Weapon Upgrade Tokens, as each time you upgrade it will used either five or fifteen of them. You can find these in Epic Loot Boxes or you can trade your Meteor Fragments or even your Refined Meteors. You can find your Meteorites on page 2 of your inventory [nya!rpg inv 2] or [nya!rpg inv metal]. Loot boxes can be found on page 5 [nya!rpg inv 5] or [nya!open].

When trading your meteorites you will need to use the blacksmith command and then allow Neko Chan to bring the listing up. Next you type in either 'meteor fragment' or 'refined meteor' and then Neko Chan will next ask you how many of either item you wish to trade. Be aware that Meteor Fragments only give a max of 7 upgrade tokens, while Refined Meteors give a max of 12. Neko Chan will then ask if that is the correct amount of meteors items you wish to trade. Once you say 'Yes' then you will recieve those tokens.

Each peice of equipmet can only be upgrade a certain amount. The total tokens needed to upgrade all the equipment is: 1,500 Weapon Upgrade Tokens. However this could change at any time! As of the January 2020 update, this did change, and still can. The new total is now 2,985.

To upgrade a peice of equipment, use [nya!rpg blacksmith], allow Neko Chan to bring up the list, then type a name of a peice of armour, amulet or weapon. You have to do this every time. This Can Not be done is Bulk!

Name of type Max Upgrade Total Needed
Iron 3 each item 45 tokens
Silver 5 each item 75 tokens
Bronze 6 each item 90 tokens
Gold 7 each item 105 tokens
Steel ^ 8 each item 360 tokens
Cobalt 10 each item 150 tokens
Darksteel 14 each item 210 tokens
Ardite 16 each item 240 tokens
Bloodsteel 17 each item 255 tokens
Platinum 22 each item 330 tokens
Titanium ^ 25 each item 1,125 tokens

^ - Steel and Titanium both need 15 tokens for each upgrade.

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