Neko Chan Wiki

Clan system was added in v1.26, you can start a Clan or join your friends to work together. Clan's must have a Discord Server in order to be useable, you can also have multiple Clan's inside a single server if you have the right permissions. Clan's can complete daily quests rewarding all members with items and gaining extra Exp for the Clan. Being in a Clan will also grant you an Exp Boost for your Character which can be upgraded by donating Clan Coins.

Clan Quests

There are very few quests for Clans to complete currently

Boss Attacks Attack Bosses 200 Times Rewarded With: x100 Clan Exp, x25 Clan Coins, x3 Clan Crates, x5 Legendary Lootboxes, x30k Nekocoins
Boss Kills Kill 40 Bosses Rewarded With: x100 Clan Exp, x25 Clan Coins, x3 Clan Crates, x5 Legendary Lootboxes, x30k Nekocoins
Clan Donation Donate 250 Clan Coins Rewarded With: x100 Clan Exp, x10 Clan Crates

Clan Coins

Clan Coins can be gained by attacking Bosses and completing Daily Clan Quests. They can also be found when opening Clan Crates. Clan Coins are used for the Clan Shop and Donating to increase the Clan's Character Exp Boost Level.

Clan Levelling

Clan's gain Exp for every Boss Kill that a clan member gains. A record of each Clan Members kills are sent to the Clan Log during the Daily Reset Event. The Clan is rewarded with 2 Exp per Boss Kill. Once the Clan has earned enough Exp to Level up their Member Limit will increase and unlock more features (To be Added in future). Features like Clan Banner Designs and more Exp Boosts for it's members. Each Clan Level rewards 5 extra member spaces.

Clan Hall

Clans can now build Clan Hall, which grants access to [@Neko Chan#7837 rpg clan daily]. When Clan Hall is built, this command gives clan members +8 Clan Crates & +20 Clan Coins once a day. Clan Hall can be built by Clan Leader via [!rpg clan build], then after Neko Chan gives list by replying 'Clan Hall'.

Building Clan Hall requires:

x30000 Stone, x12000 Stone Brick, x21000 Wood Log, x9000 Wood Plank, x2000 Iron Ingot, x1800 Steel Ingot, x14000 Leather & x12000 Robust Leather

All Clan Members can add resources in Clan Storage via [@Neko Chan#7837 rpg clan storage <item> (amount)] up to 3000 items per command.