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So you've need health or you own some seeds? Let us do some farming.


Right now there are six types of crops you can farm, more could be added, so who knows how many more types of seeds there will be. As of the March 2020 update, three new seeds where added to the shop.

You can find the seeds in Loot Boxes and in the RPG Shop. Right now, Bean, Coffee and Corn seeds are not in Loot Boxes. Also Coffee seeds can only be bought weekly.

Seeds are found on page 1 of your inventory [nya!rpg inv] or [nya!rpg inv seed].

While farming you will use a lot of Stamina, so you need to keep your eyes on it.


Seed name Command
Bean nya!rpg farm bean
Beetroot nya!rpg farm beetroot
Coffee nya!rpg farm coffee
Corn nya!rpg farm coffee
Potato nya!rpg farm potato
Pumpkin nya!rpg farm pumpkin
Rice nya!rpg farm rice
Watermelon nya!rpg farm watermelon
Wheat nya!rpg farm wheat