You are able to train your Forging skill with the command [nya!rpg forge train]. Training like this cost you five stamina.

During the March 2020 update new Ores were added, this means more Weapons and Armour could be made, then during the April 2020 update Greaves; Gauntlets snd Boots were added to the equipment list.

Forging is mainly for your Attack and Defense Equipment. However, Greaves and Gauntlets adds stats to your Defense and your Max HP. Boots add stats like Dodge and Agility.

When using the command [nya!rpg forge] you will only be able to see the equipment you have not made yet, thanks to the April 2020 Update, cause the equipment list is very long now.

Each item you forge makes your character stronger. Here is the list of commands and skill levels you will need to reach in order to forge your equipment. Please note skill levels have changed too.


Crafted Items
Skill Level Item Command
15 / 0-15 Hardened Leather nya!rpg forge hardened leather
57 / 0-57 Robust Leather nya!rpg forge robust leather

Stage I Equipment

Common Equipment do not need any forging skills, you can start making these equipment pieces right away.

Common Equipment
Equipment Command
Iron Weapon nya!rpg forge iron weapon
Iron Armour nya!rpg forge iron armour
Iron Greaves nya!rpg forge iron greaves
Iron Gauntlets nya!rpg forge iron gauntlets
Iron Boots nya!rpg forge iron boots
Silver Weapon nya!rpg forge silver weapon
Silver Armour nya!rpg forge silver armour
Silver Greaves nya!rpg forge silver greaves
Silver Gauntlets nya!rpg forge silver gauntlets
Silver Boots nya!rpg forge silver boots
Tin Weapon nya!rpg forge tin weapon
Tin Armour nya!rpg forge tin armour
Tin Greaves nya!rpg forge tin greaves
Tin Gauntlets nya!rpg forge tin gauntlets
Tin Boots nya!rpg forge tin boots
Copper Weapon nya!rpg forge copper weapon
Copper Armour nya!rpg forge copper armour
Copper Greaves nya!rpg forge copper greaves
Copper Gauntlets nya!rpg forge copper gauntlets
Copper Boots nya!rpg forge copper boots
Monazit Weapon nya!rpg forge monazit weapon
Monazit Armour nya!rpg forge monazit armour
Monazit Greaves nya!rpg forge monazit greaves
Monazit Gauntlets nya!rpg forge monazit gauntlets
Monazit Boots nya!rpg forge monazit boots

Stage II Equipment

Rare Equipment needs a skill level between 7 and 23.

Rare Equipment
Skill Level Equipment Command
7 / 0-7 Bronze Weapon nya!rpg forge bronze weapon
Bronze Armour nya!rpg forge bronze armour
Bronze Greaves nya!rpg forge bronze greaves
Bronze Gauntlets nya!rpg forge bronze gauntlets
Bronze Boots nya!rpg forge bronze boots
7 / 0-7 Gold Weapon nya!rpg forge gold weapon
Gold Armour nya!rpg forge gold armour
Gold Greaves nya!rpg forge gold greaves
Gold Gauntlets nya!rpg forge gold gauntlets
Gold Boots nya!rpg forge gold boots
15 / 0-15 Steel Weapon nya!rpg forge steel weapon
Steel Armour nya!rpg forge steel armour
Steel Greaves nya!rpg forge steel greaves
Steel Gauntlets nya!rpg forge steel gauntlets
Steel Boots nya!rpg forge steel boots
19 / 0-19 Cinnabar Weapon nya!rpg forge cinnabar weapon
Cinnabar Armour nya!rpg forge cinnabar armour
Cinnabar Greaves nya!rpg forge cinnabar greaves
Cinnabar Gauntlets nya!rpg forge cinnabar gauntlets
Cinnabar Boots nya!rpg forge cinnabar boots
23 / 0-23 Alumite Weapon nya!rpg forge alumite weapon
Alumite Armour nya!rpg forge alumite armour
Alumite Greaves nya!rpg forge alumite greaves
Alumite Gauntlets nya!rpg forge alumite gauntlets
Alumite Boots nya!rpg forge alumite boots

Stage III Equipment

Epic Equipment needs a skill level between 27 and 43. Daizuli equipment can not be made yet.

Epic Equipment
Skill Level Equipment Command
27 / 0-27 Cobalt Weapon nya!rpg forge cobalt weapon
Cobalt Armour nya!rpg forge cobalt armour
Cobalt Greaves nya!rpg forge cobalt greaves
Cobalt Gauntlets nya!rpg forge cobalt gauntlets
Cobalt Boots nya!rpg forge cobalt boots
31 / 0-31 Ferrous Weapon nya!rpg forge ferrous weapon
Ferrous Armour nya!rpg forge ferrous armour
Ferrous Greaves nya!rpg forge ferrous greaves
Ferrous Gauntlets nya!rpg forge ferrous gauntlets
Ferrous Boots nya!rpg forge ferrous boots
35 / 0-35 Invar Weapon nya!rpg forge invar weapon
Invar Armour nya!rpg forge invar armour
Invar Greaves nya!rpg forge invar greaves
Invar Gauntlets nya!rpg forge invar gauntlets
Invar Boots nya!rpg forge invar boots
39 / 0-39 Osmium Weapon nya!rpg forge osmium weapon
Osmium Armour nya!rpg forge osmium armour
Osmium Greaves nya!rpg forge osmium greaves
Osmium Gauntlets nya!rpg forge osmium gauntlets
Osmium Boots nya!rpg forge osmium boots
43 / 0-43 Daizuli Weapon nya!rpg forge daizuli weapon
Daizuli Armour nya!rpg forge daizuli armour
Daizuli Greaves nya!rpg forge daizuli greaves
Daizuli Gauntlets nya!rpg forge daizuli gauntlets
Daizuli Boots nya!rpg forge daizuli boots

Stage IV Equipment

Legendary Equipment needs a skill level between 47 and 63.

Legendary Equipment
Skill Level Equipment Command
47 / 0-47 Darksteel Weapon nya!rpg forge darksteel weapon
Darksteel Armour nya!rpg forge darksteel armour
Darksteel Greaves nya!rpg forge darksteel greaves
Darksteel Gauntlets nya!rpg forge darksteel gauntlets
Darksteel Boots nya!rpg forge darksteel boots
51 / 0-51 Bloodsteel Weapon nya!rpg forge bloodsteel weapon
Bloodsteel Armour nya!rpg forge bloodsteel armour
Bloodsteel Greaves nya!rpg forge bloodsteel greaves
Bloodsteel Gauntlets nya!rpg forge bloodsteel gauntlets
Bloodsteel Boots nya!rpg forge bloodsteel boots
55 / 0-55 Ardite Weapon nya!rpg forge ardite weapon
Ardite Armour nya!rpg forge ardite armour
Ardite Greaves nya!rpg forge ardite greaves
Ardite Gauntlets nya!rpg forge ardite gauntlets
Ardite Boots nya!rpg forge ardite boots
59 / 0-59 Iridium Weapon nya!rpg forge iridium weapon
Iridium Armour nya!rpg forge iridium armour
Iridium Greaves nya!rpg forge iridium greaves
Iridium Gauntlets nya!rpg forge iridium gauntlets
Iridium Boots nya!rpg forge iridium boots
63 / 0-63 Manyullyn Weapon nya!rpg forge manyullyn weapon
Manyullyn Armour nya!rpg forge manyullyn armour
Manyullyn Greaves nya!rpg forge manyullyn greaves
Manyullyn Gauntlets nya!rpg forge manyullyn gauntlets
Manyullyn Boots nya!rpg forge manyullyn boots

Stage V Equipment

Mythical Equipment needs a skill level between 61 and 75.

Mythical Equipment
Skill Level Equipment Command
67 / 1-2 Platinum Weapon nya!rpg forge platinum weapon
Platinum Armour nya!rpg forge platinum armour
Platinum Greaves nya!rpg forge platinum greaves
Platinum Gauntlets nya!rpg forge platinum gauntlets
Platinum Boots nya!rpg forge platinum boots
71 / 1-6 Titanium Weapon nya!rpg forge titanium weapon
Titanium Armour nya!rpg forge titanium armour
Titanium Greaves nya!rpg forge titanium greaves
Titanium Gauntlets nya!rpg forge titanium gauntlets
Titanium Boots nya!rpg forge titanium boots
75 / 1-10 Dark Iron Weapon nya!rpg forge dark iron weapon
Dark Iron Armour nya!rpg forge dark iron armour
Dark Iron Greaves nya!rpg forge dark iron greaves
Dark Iron Gauntlets nya!rpg forge dark iron gauntlets
Dark Iron Boots nya!rpg forge dark iron boots

Stage VI Equipment

Magical Equipment needs a skill level between 79 and 95.

Magical Equipment
Skill Level Item Command
79 / 1-14 Mithril Weapon nya!rpg forge mithril weapon
Mithril Armour nya!rpg forge mithril armour
Mithril Greaves nya!rpg forge mithril greaves
Mithril Gauntlets nya!rpg forge mithril gauntlets
Mithril Boots nya!rpg forge mithril boots
87 / 1-22 Terrasteel Weapon nya!rpg forge terrasteel weapon
Terrasteel Armour nya!rpg forge terrasteel armour
Terrasteel Greaves nya!rpg forge terrasteel greaves
Terrasteel Gauntlets nya!rpg forge terrasteel gauntlets
Terrasteel Boots nya!rpg forge terrasteel boots
91 / 1-26 Manasteel Weapon nya!rpg forge manasteel weapon
Manasteel Armour nya!rpg forge manasteel armour
Manasteel Greaves nya!rpg forge manasteel greaves
Manasteel Gauntlets nya!rpg forge manasteel gauntlets
Manasteel Boots nya!rpg forge manasteel boots
95 / 1-30 Elementium Weapon nya!rpg forge elementium weapon
Elementium Armour nya!rpg forge elementium armour
Elementium Greaves nya!rpg forge elementium greaves
Elementium Gauntlets nya!rpg forge elementium gauntlets
Elementium Boots nya!rpg forge elementium boots
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