Inventory Has Been Changed!

The Inventory is where you will find all of your items listed. There are seven pages within your inventory. Page One shows Items and Seeds. Page Two shows shows Metals and Ores. Page three shows Planks and Logs. Page four shows Cooked Food and Raw Food. Page five shows Loot Boxes. Page six shows Gemstones and the Special Gemstones. While page seven shows the Runes.

You are able to get to each page using [nya!rpg inv] then using thr arrows at the base of the inventory area. You are also able to get to a specific area by typing either the category or page number.

Command List

Area/Page Command
Page 1 nya!rpg inv or nya!rpg inv 1
Items nya!rpg inv item
Seeds nya!rpg inv seed
Page 2 nya!rpg inv 2
Metal nya!rpg inv metal
Page 3 nya!rpg inv 3
Wood nya!rpg inv wood or nya!rpg inv log
Plank nya!rpg inv plank
Page 4 nya!rpg inv 4
Food nya!rpg inv food
Page 5 nya!rpg inv 5
Loot Boxes nya!open (easier to use)
Page 6 nya!rpg inv 6
Gems nya!rpg inv gem
Page 7 nya!rpg inv 7
Runes nya!rpg inv rune

Page One

Rare Fish Leather Hardened Leather
Enchanted Leather Weapon Upgrade Token Weak Demon Scroll
Demon Scroll Strong Demon Scroll Stone
Stone Brick Lead Stone Brick ^ Quicksilver ^
Demon Scale ^
Potato Seed Beetroot Seed Pumpkin Seed
Watermelon Seed Wheat Seed Rice Seed

^ Not Active yet

Page Two

Copper Ingot Silver Ingot Gold Ingot
Steel Ingot Darksteel Ingot Cobalt Ingot
Platinum Ingot Bloodsteel Ingot
Iron Ingot Ardite Ingot Bronze Ingot
Tin Ingot Lead Ingot Titanium Ingot
Copper Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore
Steel Ore Cobalt Ore Platinum Ore
Iron Ore Ardite Ore Bronze Ore
Tin Ore Lead Ore Titanium Ore
Red Meteorite Powder^ Blue Meteorite Powder^ Yellow Meteorite Powder^
Purple Meteorite Powder^ Black Meteorite Powder^ Meteorite Fragment
Red Meteorite Ingot^ Blue Meteorite Ingot^ Yellow Meteorite Ingot^
Purple Meteorite Ingot^ Black Meteorite Ingot^ Refined Meteorite

^ Not Active yet

Page Three

Wood Log Silverwood Log Bloodwood Log
Arcane Wood Log Ethereal Log Flame Wood Log ^
Dark Wood Log ^
Wood Plank Silverwood Plank Bloodwood Plank
Arcane Wood Plank Ethereal Plank Flame Wood Plank ^
Dark Wood Plank ^

^ Not Active yet

Page Four

Potato Pumpkin Wheat
Rice Raw Fish Raw Deer
Raw Beef Raw Pork Raw Rabbit
Raw Chicken Raw Lamb Raw Boar
Raw Carp Raw Mackerel
Baked Potato Beetroot Roast Pumpkin
Watermelon Bread Cooked Rice
Cooked Fish Cooked Deer Cooked Beef
Cooked Pork Cooked Rabbit Cooked Chicken
Cooked Lamb Cooked Boar Cooked Carp
Cooked Mackerel

Page Five

Common Loot Box Rare Loot Box Epic Loot Box
Legendary Loot Box Mythic Loot Box Demonic Loot Box ^

^ Not Active yet

Page Six

Moonstone Sunstone Starstone
Lifestone Earthstone Skystone
Darkstone Oceanstone
Amethyst Sapphire Topaz
Emerald Ruby Onyx

Page Seven

Blank Rune
Weak Air Rune Weak Dark Rune Weak Earth Rune
Weak Fire Rune Weak Light Rune Weak Water Rune
Fire Rune Water Rune Earth Rune
Air Rune Dark Rune Light Rune
Strong Fire Rune Strong Water Rune Strong Earth Rune
Strong Air Rune Strong Dark Rune Strong Light Rune
Supreme  Rune ^ Supreme Rune ^ Supreme Rune ^
Supreme Rune ^ Supreme Rune ^ Supreme Rune ^
Mastered Rune ^ Mastered Rune ^ Mastered Rune ^
Mastered Rune ^ Mastered Rune ^ Mastered Rune ^

^ Not Active yet

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