Magic can be learned by every class. To boost your magic stat, use [nya!rpg train] this won't just boost your Magic attack it will also boost either your Attack or Defence. As of the August 2019 update you can now level your Magic attack along with your Attack and Defence by leveling your character.

Another way to boost your Magic Attack is to make all your Amulets (see Equipment).

The next way to boost your magic is to upgrade your Amulets with the Blacksmith [nya!rpg blacksmith]. See Blacksmith to find out how it works.

You can also fight bosses with a basic magic attack [nya!rpg fm mba].

Priests can heal themselves or other players, the healing that is done is based on the Priest's Magic Attack stats. The command to heal is [nya!rpg heal p] for themselves or [nya!rpg heal p @(person's name)] for other players.

Also as of the August 2019 update, every class now has two (Non active) skills. Priests have one (Non active) spell. As of the January 2020 update, every class now has two active spells, also the second spell for the Priests are also active. To check what these spells do, you can see them on the Class Skills page.

If you have leveled your Wisdom high enough you can learn spells to use on the bosses when fighting. Basic spells add +5 to your Magic Attack. Normal spells add +10 to your Magic Attack. While Advanced spells add +40 to your Magic Attack, however there is a +10 backlash, so you need to level your Defense. As of the January 2020 update, the backlash now works. The +10 backlash is now a -10% Recoil.

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