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Starting out

If you want to play the RPG (role playing game) with Neko Chan, you will need to ensure that the RPG is active. If you are the Admin of the Discord server, you can activate it with the command [nya!enable rpg mode].

Now to create your character; use [nya!create char]. You will need to add a name [nya!rpg name (add name)], a gender (male or female) [nya!rpg gender (add gender)], a class (Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Assassin, Priest & Brute) [nya!rpg class (the class you picked)] and a Race (Free: Elven; Dwarf; Human; Orc; Werewolf; & Vampire. Patron: Shadowborn; Dragonblood; Angel; & Demon) [nya!rpg race (the race you've picked)].

Double check your selection with [nya!char complete]. This is the only time you can change anything (well unless the developer changes anything, and knowing them, they might). If everything is to your liking, next type [nya!rpg confirm complete].

Neko Chan will then let you know your character is active, by saying, "You have successfully created your Character."

What can I do?

Now that your character is active, you can play the way you want. How about trying to tame a beast? Use the command [nya!rpg tame beast] to try. If you are successful you will be shown an image of your beast, please note that the images and stats are random. If unsuccessful, try again in 15 minutes. If you want Neko Chan can send you a reminder, use either one of these commands [nya!remind me tame beast in 15m] or [nya!reminder tame beast in 15m] to get a reminder sent to you, and keep trying every 15 minutes until you get a beast.

Once you have a beast, you can either keep it with you and tame it every 15 minutes or send it out on a hunt, using one of the following commands [nya!rpg hunt go], [nya!rpg hunt start] or [nya!rpg hunt], with the last command on this list, Neko Chan will reply with:

"@(Your name), are you sure you want to send your Beast on a Hunt? They won't be available for Battling or Training. Reply Yes or No."

By saying yes, you need to remember that your beast is not with you for that hour. However the benefits to a hunt are coins, raw foods, loot boxes and faster leveling for your beast. The stronger you get your beast, the more help later on, with either hurting bosses or even sacrificing them for extra max health.

Grinding Time

You can now Cut Wood [nya!rpg cut wood], Mine [nya!rpg mine], Study [nya!rpg study train], Cook [nya!rpg cook train], Forge [nya!rpg forge train] & train* [nya!rpg train]. * - Free accounts can train 300 times. Depending on the Patron rank, will depend on how much more you can train.

After you've gotten some Neko Coins together by using one of these commands [nya!daily], [nya!work] or voting using the command [nya!vote], then the second command [nya!voter bonus], you can buy a Fishing rod, using the command [nya!buy item fishing_rod]. Now if you want you can go fishing, use the command [nya!rpg fish], then once you've caught a raw fish, you can cook it, use either [nya!rpg cook raw fish] or [nya!rpg cook fish].

Cooking Fish, Carp and Mackerel gives both health and stamina. Need extra food? Try buying some seeds (Bean, Beetroot, Coffee, Corn, Potato, Pumpkin, Rice, Wheat or Watermelon seeds^) and now you can Farm those, using the command [nya!rpg farm (one of nine items)]. ^ - see Shop.

By now you should now have some ore and wooden logs, you can check two different ways. You can either [nya!rpg inv ore] or [nya!rpg inv wood] these will bring your Inventory up to either your ore or your wood. Another way is to use Smelt [nya!rpg smelt] for your ore or Craft [nya!rpg craft] for your wood.

You need to craft planks and ingots to forge your Equipment.


As of the August 2019 update, everyone now has a basic max of 500 stamina, not 250 anymore. There is no way to raise your max stamina, but you can temporarily add to your stamina. There is no max on how much stamina you can have. The way you raise your stamina is to eat items that are rich in stamina. Those items are Cooked Mackerel, Cooked Carp, Baked Potato, Roast Pumpkin, Cooked Fish and Cooked Emu. If you do not have these food items, you will need to rest, use the command [nya!rpg rest], you will need to wait 2 hours before you can use the any RPG command.

So, 2 hours is a long wait, so why not save your materials and your neko coins and buy the blueprints for your house. Once your house is complete, you're wait time will only be 30 minutes. However you need to be a level 64+ to open the Player Land in the shop.

As of the March 2020 update, Coffee was added, this also adds to your stamina. See Drinks for more information.


You start off with only 100 HP (health points), so you had best learn to heal yourself. If you have chosen the class Priest, you will have gained the spell Healing Touch. You will then be able to heal yourself or another player, every thirty minutes with the command [nya!rpg heal p] for yourself or [nya!rpg heal p @(player name)] for another player. You can only heal your max magic attack level.

If you are another class, you will need to farm and cook your food then eat to heal yourself. See Cooking and Farming for items and commands.

Gaining HP

There are two ways of gaining max HP. One way is to sacrificing your beast, by using the Demon Scrolls, (Weak Demon Scroll, Demon Scroll or Strong Demon Scroll) - See Beast Taming for more info. The other way is by battling Demonic Lords. This means getting your Willpower up to a minimum of 70 for stage 1 to a maximum of 630 for stage 5. As of August 2019, Demonic and Hardcore modes can now be activated on all servers. However, only the Support Server can have both Normal and Hardcore modes active at the same time. As of the March 2020 update, you now gain 15 max HP every time you level your character.

Fighting Bosses

So once the Admin have activated a stage using either [nya!rpg stage (1-5)] or [nya!rpg stage (1 - 5) {#channel name}], bosses should start spawning three minutes later. However, Discord likes to make things hard. If a boss hasn't spawned after sometime, do a simple check with [nya!rpg fm] or [nya!rpg fm mba]. Neko Chan will then say which channel the boss is in, if there are no bosses or if there is a Fallen Meteor.

Make sure you check every now and then with [nya!rpg fm] or [nya!rpg fm mba], Discord really likes to bug out.

Please ensure that you and your server know where the bosses are and some need more willpower, than others. Stage One Normal Bosses bar the Demonic Lord need no willpower. Best bet is to only activate Stage One and get your willpower up. Most Servers activate all stages for the extra xp (experience points), if you do that, please use the [nya!invite] and join the NekoChan Support Server, so you can kill lower bosses. Most players on that server will help you out, if you say your new to the game and they will ping you (@your name) to stage one bosses. They will also answer any questions you might have.

Training [nya!rpg train] will give you xp (experience points) towards your Attack, Defence or Magic Attack. You are albe to boost these, when you level your character or when you make your equipment. Check what equipment you own with [nya!rpg equipment] then you can use the arrows to check your Weapons, Armour and Amulets. If you have nothing it is time to make some.


Weapons are made with ingots, planks and gems. These are forged using the command [nya!rpg forge (name of weapon)]. Armour is made with ingots, gems and leather. These are forged using the command [nya!rpg forge (name of armour)]. Amulets are made with ingots, wood, gems and special gemstones. These are arcane forged using the command [nya!rpg arcane forge (name of amulet)]. All equipment stacks and they are auto equipped. See Equipment for items needed and a command list.

You can also upgrade all your equipment with the Blacksmith. Each item has a maximum upgrade limit. You will need Equipment Upgrade Tokens to do this.


All classes have the chance to learn and use Magic. You start off with a basic magic attack [nya!rpg fm mba]. To learn more you will need to Study [nya!rpg study train]. Right now there are three levels of spells; Basic, Normal and Strong. Basic spells are a Blast that add +5 damage. Normal spells are a Slash that add +10 damage. Strong spells have special names that add +40 damage; however there is a +10 backlash. Learning these magical spells use items call Runes, these can be crafted at the Rune Altar [nya!rpg rune altar] this will bring up a list of runes you can make, crafting runes give you xp towards Arcane Forging. See Wisdom for items needed and command lists. See Arcane Forge for items needed and command lists.


After killing a boss you will receive some Rewards. You will always get xp towards your Character level and Willpower. You also may get Loot Boxes, the types of loot boxes you could get include: Common Loot Box, Rare Loot Box, Epic Loot Box, Legendary Loot Box or Mythic Loot Box. The Willpower is very important, as this will determine what Bosses you can fight. Demonic Lords are some of the best bosses to defeat, as they give the best rewards including guaranteed Demonic and Mythic Loot Boxes. Other rewards from killing Demonic Lords include Max HP.


So you died while trying to battle a strong boss. It's ok, a lot of other players have died. During this death you will lose Neko Coins and 40 Max HP. You then can revive yourself with the command [nya!rpg revive]. However, if the boss is still alive you will be unable to use this command. So you will either need to wait for someone to kill that boss or go to another sever and revive there.

However, if you died on the Neko Chan Support server you are able to revive within the RPG Temple channel even when there is a boss active. Reviving within the RPG Temple channel, you will come back to life with 1,500 HP not the normal 100 HP. If you are still dead when the boss is killed, you are guaranteed that you will receive some rewards.

World Boss

The World Boss is a Bot Wide Boss you can battle. You are able to hit this boss every two minutes, with the commands [nya!rpg fwb], [nya!rpg fwb mba] or [nya!rpg fwb (skill name)].

The World Boss gains 50 attack and 20 Defence from each players attack. If a beast hits the boss, the World Boss's defence can go back to a minimum of 20.

If you die while battling the World Boss, it is OK. You do not lose anything and you do not need Revive yourself. If you do die, you will receive this message:

"Don't worry! You didn't die. Characters can't be killed by the World boss. Your HP has been set to 1500. Keep fighting!"

Rewards are sent out if we are all able to kill the World Boss or if we fail at defeating the World Boss. See the World Boss page for more info on rewards.