Neko Chan Wiki

Where do I buy a pet?

You can find them in the pet shop, use the command [@Neko Chan#7837 pet shop].

How do I buy a pet?

You can buy a Neko pet using the command [@Neko Chan#7837 buy pet]. This will cost you 10,000 Neko Coins.

Now that I have a pet, how do I see it?

You can use the command [@Neko Chan#7837 pet] or [@Neko Chan#7837 pet view]. You can also check other players pets out by using this command [@Neko Chan#7837 pet {@player name}].

Can I name my pet?

Yes, you can name your Neko. Use the command [@Neko Chan#7837 pet name (nickname here)].

Can I change my pets name?

Yes, you can change your pets name as many times as you want.

I am lazy, and I do not want to lose my pet, how can I do that?

The easiest way not to lose your pet is to buy a Neko Sitter, using the command [@Neko Chan#7837 buy neko sitter]. This will look after your pet for 7 days. It costs 13,000 Neko coins.

My Pet Ran Away, Can I get them Back?

I am sorry to say, but No. There is no way of getting that pet back. If you bought the Stat Transfers (see next question), you can keep the stats of the old pet and add them to your new pet. Unless you want the same image, then you'll just need to keep buying pets to find the one you want.

However, if you want to keep the same stats, you will need to keep buying the Stat Transfers, as they only work once per pet. Another way to ensure you get the same pet every time your pet runs away, is buy becoming an Onyx Rank

I want a different pet, but I do not want to lose my pets stats, how can I do that?

You can now, however this will cost you a lot of Neko Coin. You can buy a Pet Transfer. The command to buy a transfer is [@Neko Chan#7837 buy pet transfer], allow for the list to load and pick one of the four options.

[1] Pet Transfer Level - (amount of) Nekocoins Unowned/Owned
[2] Pet Transfer Attack - (amount of) Nekocoins Unowned/Owned
[3] Pet Transfer Defence - (amount of) Nekocoins Unowned/Owned
[4] Pet Transfer All - (amount of) Nekocoins Unowned/Owned

What can I do with my pet?

You can interact with them using the following commands.

@Neko Chan#7837 pet clean @Neko Chan#7837 pet play
@Neko Chan#7837 pet feed @Neko Chan#7837 pet pat
@Neko Chan#7837 pet tickle @Neko Chan#7837 pet boop

Pets also have the ablitly to be trained, duel and even quest.

@Neko Chan#7837 pet train @Neko Chan#7837 pet duel (@player name) @Neko Chan#7837 pet quest

Why won't my pet duel?

Pets will not duel if they are on a quest or if the other player's pet is on a quest.

What type of Quest may my pet go on?

As of January 2020, there are only four quests. These are Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane. Rewards are sent after the quest is completed (Full Rewards) or failed (Rewards are Halved). If you have your direct messages (DMs) on you will get a reply from Neko Chan saying what your pet has bought back to you. IF you have your DMs off, this information will be posted in the Public Log system on the Neko Chan Support Server.

Quest Command
Easy is 2 hours @Neko Chan#7837 pet quest easy
Normal is 4 hours @Neko Chan#7837 pet quest normal
Hard is 8 hours @Neko Chan#7837 pet quest hard
Insane is 16 hours @Neko Chan#7837 pet quest insane
coming soon we hope :)

I sent my pet on a quest, it has not come back, why?

Like real pets, they have a mind of their own, most come back in a couple of minutes or even hours. However if this is not the cast, a daily fix has been implemented to call your pet back to you. Sorry, there is no way to get any rewards that were due.

Can I buy items for my pet?

You are able to buy many items and even a new background for your pet. Items can only be bought once, however you will have to buy them again if you buy a new pet.

Item Command Cost What it does
Brush @Neko Chan#7837 buy brush 4,000 Raises the Pet's Cleanliness level
Scratching Post @Neko Chan#7837 buy scratching post 6,000 Raises the Pet's Happiness level
Lazer Pointer @Neko Chan#7837 buy lazer pointer 9,000 Raises the Pet's Happiness level
Bell Collar @Neko Chan#7837 buy bell collar 7,000 Raises the Pet's Happiness level
Food Bowl @Neko Chan#7837 buy food bowl 10,000 Raises the Pet's Food level
Water Bowl @Neko Chan#7837 buy water bowl 10,000 Raises the Pet's Food level
Treat Bucket @Neko Chan#7837 buy treat bucket 10,000 Raises the Pet's Food level
Nail Clippers @Neko Chan#7837 buy nail clipper 6,000 Raises the Pet's Cleanliness level
Nice Clothes @Neko Chan#7837 buy nice clothes 10,000 Raises the Pet's Cleanliness & Happiness levels
Fancy Clothes @Neko Chan#7837 buy fancy clothes 20,000 Raises the Pet's Cleanliness & Happiness levels
Purfect Clothes @Neko Chan#7837 buy purfect clothes 50,000 Raises the Pet's Cleanliness & Happiness levels
Bigger Bell Collar @Neko Chan#7837 buy bigger bell collar 35,000 Raises the Pet's Happiness level

How do I change my background?

If you are planning on changing the background, please be aware that changing them to a different background will cost you between 500 to 2,500 coins. If you buy a new pet, you will have to change them to the background you like the most. As the default is always the Black Bat. Below is the list of Backgrounds you can pick.

Use [@Neko Chan#7837 buy pet background] and the list will show what you need to buy or what you have bought by the cost of changing the background.

Background Cost to buy Cost to change back
Default Bats 0 0
Elf Woods 200,000 500
Heart Blossom 600,000 2,500
Neon Galaxy 350,000 1,000
Golden Equinox 350,000 1,000
Sword Art 350,000 1,000
Eternal Melody 350,000 1,000
Blackwyrm 350,000 1,000
Purple Universe 350,000 1,000
Gantasic River 350,000 1,000
Galactic Swirl 350,000 1,000
Monet's Garden 350,000 1,000
Sunset 350,000 1,000
Misted Galaxy 350,000 1,000
Spaaace 350,000 1,000
Cestra Flux 350,000 1,000
El Dorado 350,000 1,000
Blossom Train 350,000 1,000
Royal Sakura 350,000 1,000

These are the Neko Patrons that help bring you this list.

Heart Blossom was from Staff member FreyaFM Neon Galaxy was funded by DW08
Golden Equinox was funded by FuryXio Sword Art was funded by Asuna
Eternal Melody was funded by Lindwyn Blackwyrm was funded by Wolfy
Purple Universe was funded by Furyku Gantasic River was funded by Nightcore Playlist
Galactic Swirl was funded by Norman Monet's Garden was funded by Harmony
Sunset was funded by Zon Misted Galaxy was funded by Yusei Fudo
Spaaace was funded by R3X1122 Cestra Flux was funded by CatoSergius
El Dorado was funded by rulerofsteves Blossom Train was funded by Lucy the Halloween Demon
Royal Sakura was funded by Jessie Lucifer

How do I see these backgrounds?

This command [@Neko Chan#7837 bg view {name of backgroud}] has been removed. If you ask around on the Neko Chan Support Server, someone might be able to help you see them better.

Retired Backgrounds.

Yes there are three now. The 2019 X-Mas background; the 2020 X-Mas background; and the 3rd Anniversary. These were all Limited. Sorry. If you where able to collect these free backgrounds, you should be able to change back to it using the commands listed in the table below, they are all free to change. The 2019 X-Mas background was voted in by the players.

Name of Background Command to change Background
2019 X-Mas @Neko Chan#7837 buy xmas 2019
2020 X-Mas @Neko Chan#7837 buy xmas 2020
3rd Anniversary @Neko Chan#7837 buy 3rd anniversary

Is there a way for me to get a Custom Pet or Custom Background?

The only way for you to do this is become a Patron. The Onyx Rank will allow you to have a custom pet image and the Neko Rank will allow you to have a custom background. The other way to get a custom background, is a server wide custom back ground, you will need to be a Diamond Rank to do this.