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Welcome to Neko Chan's RPG Guide, this will be part tutorial until an official system is added to the Bot.


  • Basic Material Gatherings
  • Beast & Hunts
  • Basic Farming
  • Basic Forging
  • Boss Fighting
  • Character Adventures
  • Shop System
  • Dungeons
  • Building System

System Setup

This is only if you are setting up a new server with the Bot. If you don't have the Bot on a server of your own and would like to, you can buy a server here .

Server Setup

To setup a server, you'll need Manage Server or Admin permissions and a Channel you'd like for Boss Spawning (You can have as many channels as you want, but you need to select at least one to trigger the spawn system).

To get started simply type '@Neko Chan#7837 enable rpg mode'. This will allow RPG related commands to be used on the server for it's members.

Channel Setup

Now you will need to setup the Channels, you'll want to start with Stage 1 so you & your members can face the easier set of Bosses as the higher stages require Willpower in order to fight them.

To setup a channel, type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg stage 1 #channel-name'. This will enable Stage 1 Boss Spawning inside the mentioned channel(s). Simply repeat with other stages to enable them.

Different Modes

This system has several different Modes that you can enable, such has Demonic, Hardcore, Insane & Chaotic. Demonic Mode will allow Demonic Lords to spawn. Hardcore, Insane & Chaotic Modes increase the difficulty of the current Stages.

Character Creation

Creating your Character is quick and easy, you can start by typing '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg create character'. This will bring up a menu with more commands to pick your Charcter Information.

Character Name

It's time to pick a name for your Character. Simply type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg name NAME HERE', replacing NAME HERE with your name. Don't worry you can have the same name as someone else!

Character Class

Character Class will determine what your Class Skills are and what Weapon type you use. Each Class also has it's special Class Equipment which increase stats massively towards your Characters more used stat. Simply type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg class' which will bring up a message with the possible Classes to select from. Reply with the class you'd like.

Character Race

Character Race is will allow you access to more powerful Skills compared to Class Skills. Type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg race' which will bring up a message with the possible Races to select from. You can join Patreon for access to more powerful Races

Character Gender

This really doesn't matter, it's just an option to select. Simply type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg gender MALE/FEMALE' to select your gender.

Confirming your Character

Once you've provided all the information required above you are ready to confirm to your character. Type '@Neko Chan#7837 character complete' which will bring up a Confirmation Menu in which you can check your information. If you are happy with it you can reply with "confirm" to quickly confirm it or use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg confirm complete'. Then you are ready to start grinding and levelling up.

Getting Started

Let's get started by checking out the commands for RPG. You can use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg help' to display them, this menu contains all the Commands you'll need to game and level up. Once you've had a look through them all we'll start with by setting your character for success.

Collect Benefits

You can claim some benefits right away that'll help you, you can do '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg daily' & '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg weekly'. Which will give you some rewards, as they state in the names you can claim these every day/week. You can also Vote for the bot using '@Neko Chan#7837 vote' and then after use '@Neko Chan#7837 vote bonus'. If the Bot says haven't voted simply use '@Neko Chan#7837 vote' and try to claim the bonus again. The system has some slight delay.

Tame a Beast

Start by taming a Beast, use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg tame beast'. If you failed to tame one you can try again every 15 mintues. A Beast helps you massively between gathering materials and making Nekocoins or battling Bosses. You can also join Patreon to gain a Custom Beast Image that you get to select yourself!

Go Shopping

Neko Chan's Shopping system is the most advanced on Discord and one of a kind. It's super simple to use. All you have to do is click the buttons. Start by using '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg shop' which will display the Shop, wait for all the reactions to load and then select the Item Button (You can see it displayed in the Message) That'll display the items available to be bought. You want to buy a Fishing Rod, type '@Neko Chan#7837 buy item fishing_rod' and you'll buy it. Return to the Shop Menu and click on the Farming Reaction (4th button not counting the arrows). You should be able to buy Seeds, try to buy some Potato Seeds.

Boost your Stamina

Stamina can be gained in many different ways, you can Eat certain foods, Drink Coffee or Rest. Resting isn't recommended and will only restore you to 500 if you are under it. You won't be able to use any RPG Commands for 2 hours while resting (Can be shortened by building a house but that's later on). Let's start by spending some Stamina to make Stamina, now that you bought that fishing rod we'll go fishing.


We bought some Potato Seeds, let's farm them for Potatoes. Use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg farm', this will display a Menu with the possible Farming Options. To farm Potatoes simply add the type into the command like this '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg farm potato'. This will take your Potato Seed and turn it into Potatoes, as you level up your Farming you'll gain more from your Seeds.


Use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg fish' and you'll be rewarded with a Type of fish or nothing if you are unlucky. Rare Fish can be sold to make Nekocoins and other fish can be cooked to provide greater benefits. You can use an RPG Command every 10 seconds (which can be lowered by joining Patreon). Try to fish 5-10 times. Once you've collected enough Raw Fish, we'll try to cook them.


Use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg cook' which will bring a cooking menu displaying all the possible items that can be cooked and how much you've got in your inventory. To cook an item simply add it to the command. '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg cook raw fish'. This will take your Raw Fish and turn it into a Cooked Fish. The more you level up your Cooking skill the more you'll gain from your Raw Food Items. Try to Cook your Potatoes now.


Now we have some food, we can eat it to gain some extra Stamina. Use '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg eat' to open the menu containing all the Food Items, Let's eat the Cooked Fish by using '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg eat cooked_fish' we can also eat in bulk by add an amount to the end. ('@Neko Chan#7837 rpg eat cooked_fish 3').

Material Gathering

The main way to gain materials is to grind out the gathering. There are multiple sections to be grinded from Mining, Cutting Wood, Smelting, Crafting and more. To get stronger we'd want to make some equipment but we need materials for that. First lets see what we need to make the first set of equipment. Use '@Neko Chan#7837 item info iron weapon' to display information and materials required.


To mine, simply type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg mine' and you'll be gain a random material (Patreon members can do this in bulk). You will also gain Exp for your character & mining level. Levelling up your mining will grant higher tier ores as well increase the amount you get from Mining.

Cutting Wood

To Cut Wood, simply type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg cut wood' and you'll be gain a random material (Patreon members can do this in bulk). You will also gain Exp for your character & wood cutting level. Levelling up your Wood Cutting will grant higher tier logs as well increase the amount you get from Cutting Wood.


To Smelt, we can open the Smelting menu by using '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg smelt', this will display the smelting options you have and how much you have in your inventory. To smelt your first Ore, type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg smelt iron' and you'll smelt your Iron Ore into an Ingot (Patreon members can do this in bulk). You will also gain Exp for your character & smelting level. Levelling up your Smelting will allow you to smelt higher tier Ores as well increase the amount you get from Smelting.


To Craft, we can open the Crafting menu by using '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg craft', this will display the crafting options you have and how much you have in your inventory. To craft your first Plank, type '@Neko Chan#7837 rpg craft wood' and you'll craft your Wood Log into a Plank (Patreon members can do this in bulk). You will also gain Exp for your character & crafting level. Levelling up your Crafting will allow you to craft higher tier Planks as well increase the amount you get from Crafting.

Now simply repeat these steps until you have enough material for making each piece of equipment (weapon, amulet, armour, greaves, gauntlets & boots). Remember to use '@Neko Chan#7837 item info <PLACE ITEM NAME HERE>' (without the <>) to see information on any item you may need.

Beast & Hunts

See Beast Taming

Farming & Stamina Collecting

See Farming

Basic Equipment Forging

See Equipment, Forging & Arcane Forging

Boss Fighting

See Boss Battles




See Dungeons

Building System

See Player Land