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You need to do a lot of study training [@Neko Chan#7837 rpg study train] to reach level sixteen at which time the Strong spells become available to learn.

As of a January 2020 update, Six of the learn-able Class Skills were activated. You will need need to reach level forty-eight Wisdom to teach yourself the Class skill.

As of the September 2020 update, the new Supreme and Mastered skills where added. Supreme Skills need Wisdom level 120 or 1-55 to learn, while Mastered Skills need Wisdom level 170 or 2-40 to learn. This update also allowed you to upgrade your spells. All you need to do is relearn them.

To learn the spells, you will need Special Gemstones and three of each rune, be it a weak, normal, strong, supreme, or mastered.

The basic command to learn a skill is [@Neko Chan#7837 rpg study (name of the spell)].

You also need more runes to cast the spells. Neko will let you know when you are out of runes, you will be able to make more using the Rune Altar.

The Special Gemstones are Sunstone for Fire spells, Oceanstone for Water spells, Darkstone for Dark spells, Starstone for Light spells, Earthstone for Earth type spells and Skystone for Wind spells.

These special stones can be bought from the RPG Shop.

Spells and Skills

Basic Normal Advanced Supreme Mastered
Flame Blast Fire Slash Burning Inferno Firestorm Lava Rain
Water Blast Water Slash Tidal Wave Frozen Whirlpool Soul Freeze
Dark Pulse Blast Dark Slash Endless Darkness Soul Burst Death Gaze
Light Blast Light Slash Cleansing Light Celestial Flash Luminous Galaxy
Stone Blast Stone Slash Earth Shatter Titan's Ram Sand Storm
Whirlwind Blast Wind Slash Tornado Storm Howl of the Heavens Arctic Wind

Class Skills and Commands

To learn your class skill, you will need Twenty Lifestones and five of each of the Strong Runes.

Class Class Skill Learn Usage
Assassin Back Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Back Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Back Slash
Brute Breaking Blade @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Breaking Blade @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Breaking Blade
Hunter Wild Burst @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Wild Burst @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Wild Burst
Mage Storm Shout @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Storm Shout @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Storm Shout
Priest Holy Light @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Holy Light @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Holy Light
Warrior Rampage @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Rampage @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Rampage


These are the commands needed to learn and use the spells. Basic spells need one special gemstone and three weak runes of the following type: Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Earth or Air.

For +1 extra attack, you will need to learn that Blast spell 20 more times.

Basic Learn Usage
Flame Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Flame Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Flame Blast
Water Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Water Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Water Blast
Dark Pulse Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Dark Pulse Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Dark Pulse Blast
Light Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Light Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Light Blast
Stone Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Stone Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Stone Blast
Whirlwind Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Whirlwind Blast @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Whirlwind Blast

Normal spells need a wisdom level of eight, to learn these spells you will need two special gemstones and three runes of the following type: Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Earth or Air.

Normal Learn Usage
Fire Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Fire Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Fire Slash
Water Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Water Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Water Slash
Dark Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Dark Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Dark Slash
Light Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Light Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Light Slash
Stone Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Stone Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Stone Slash
Wind Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Wind Slash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Wind Slash

Strong spells need a wisdom level of sixteen, to learn these spells you will need three special gemstones and three strong runes of the following type: Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Earth or Air.

Strong Learn Usage
Burning Inferno @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Burning Inferno @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Burning Inferno
Tidal Wave @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Tidal Wave @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Tidal Wave
Endless Darkness @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Endless Darkness @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Endless Darkness
Cleansing Light @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Cleansing Light @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Cleansing Light
Earth Shatter @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Earth Shatter @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Earth Shatter
Tornado Storm @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Tornado Storm @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Tornado Storm

Supreme spells need a wisdom level of hundred twenty (1-55), to learn these spells you will need four special gemstones and three supreme runes of the following type: Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Earth or Air.

Supreme Learn Usage
Firestorm @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Firestorm @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Firestorm
Frozen Whirlpool @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Frozen Whirlpool @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Frozen Whirlpool
Soul Burst @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Soul Burst @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Soul Burst
Celestial Flash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Celestial Flash @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Celestial Flash
Titan's Ram @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Titans Ram @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Titans Ram
Howl of the Heavens @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Heavens Howl @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Heavens Howl

Mastered spells need a wisdom level of hundred seventy (2-40), to learn these spells you will need five special gemstones and three mastered runes of the following type: Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Earth or Air.

Mastered Learn Usage
Lava Rain @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Lava Rain @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Lava Rain
Soul Freeze @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Soul Freeze @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Soul Freeze
Death Gaze @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Death Gaze @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Death Gaze
Luminous Galaxy @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Luminous Galaxy @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Luminous Galaxy
Sand Storm @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Sand Storm @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Sand Storm
Arctic Wind @Neko Chan#7837 rpg study Arctic Wind @Neko Chan#7837 rpg fm Arctic Wind