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World Boss is a special Event that starts at 12:00 PM GMT+10:30 and lasts for 24 hours or until killed.

World Boss can be attacked every 2 minutes, each attack increases the bosses Attack and Defence and if you are killed by the Boss you do NOT actually die, your character will be automatically revived to 1500 Health.

Attack: 500 +50 a hit (50k Max)

Defence: 40 +20 a hit (4k Max)

Health: 750,000 x defeats - 150,000 x repeated

Willpower: 15

Cost: 20 Stamina a hit

Reward: 200 Character XP a hit

Cooldown 2 minutes (1 minute for Patreon RPG II+)

Kill Rewards:

Rank Reward
1st 7 Magic Redeems, 10000xp, 17 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 300 Stone and 400k Nekocoins
2nd 6 Magical Redeems, 8000xp, 16 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 200 Stone and 380k Nekocoins
3rd 5 Magical Redeem, 6000xp, 15 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 100 Stone and 360k Nekocoins
4th 4 Magical Redeems, 5000xp, 14 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 90 Stone and 350k Nekocoins
5th 3 Magical Redeems, 4000xp, 13 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 80 Stone and 340k Nekocoins
6th 2 Magical Redeem, 3000xp, 12 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 70 Stone and 335k Nekocoins
7th 1 Magical Redeems, 2500xp, 11 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 60 Stone and 330k Nekocoins
8th 7 Mythical Redeeems, 2000xp, 10 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 50 Stone and 325k Nekocoins
9th 6 Mythical Redeems, 1500xp, 9 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 40 Stone and 320k Nekocoins
10th 5 Mythical Redeems, 1000xp, 8 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 30 Stone and 315k Nekocoins
11th-30th 4 Mythical Redeems, 500xp, 7 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 20 Stone and 310k Nekocoins
31st-50th 3 Mythical Redeem, 250xp, 6 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 10 Stone and 305k Nekocoins
51st+ 2 Mythical Redeems, 200xp, 5 Wheel o' Loot Tickets, 5 Stone and 302k Nekocoins

Fail Rewards:

Rank Reward
1st 3 Magic Redeems, 1000xp, 300 Stone and 100k Nekocoins
2nd 2 Magical Redeems, 800xp, 200 Stone and 80k Nekocoins
3rd 1 Magical Redeem, 600xp, 100 Stone and 60k Nekocoins
4th 3 Mythical Redeems, 500xp, 90 Stone and 50k Nekocoins
5th 2 Mythical Redeems, 400xp, 80 Stone and 40k Nekocoins
6th 1 Mythcial Redeem, 300xp, 70 Stone and 35k Nekocoins
7th 3 Legendary Redeems, 250xp, 60 Stone and 30k Nekocoins
8th 2 Legendary Redeeems, 200xp, 50 Stone and 25k Nekocoins
9th 1 Legendary Redeems, 150xp, 40 Stone and 20k Nekocoins
10th 3 Epic Redeems, 100xp, 30 Stone and 15k Nekocoins
11th-30th 2 Epic Redeems, 50xp, 20 Stone and 10k Nekocoins
31st-50th 1 Epic Redeem, 25xp, 10 Stone and 5k Nekocoins
51st+ 3 Rare Redeems, 20xp, 5 Stone and 2k Nekocoins